Whidbey Island Art Parties

Started by Amy Hauser as Whidbey ART Party, in 2019 after 3 1/2 years, she decided it was time to sell the business in order to spend more time pursuing her personal art interests.

That’s where Debby and Olivia come in.

This mother-daughter team had taken a few parties with Amy and had dreams to create a similar business of their own. When they found out Amy was ready to wind down and looking to sell, they jumped at the chance. Rebranded as Whidbey Island Art Parties, Debby and Olivia work to continue to bring you fun projects as we walk this journey of Art together!

Debby Ellis

Born and raised in Texas, I’ve always had a passion for arts of all kinds and love connecting with people. I lived in New Mexico for a few years and experiencing the culture there really lit that spark for me.
Now my family and I have lived on Whidbey Island since 2004, and my daughter has inherited my passion for art.

Olivia Ellis

Having inherited my mother’s love of arts from a young age, I’ve enjoyed dabbling in all sorts of crafts such as drawing, knitting, pottery, digital art, website design, and more.
Pencil and colored pencil drawing have been my craft of choice over the years; but, since playing with acrylic paints I feel like there’s a whole new world to discover.

See Olivia’s Art

Debby and Olivia believe that life is a journey through art, and their goal is to help the community spend more time enjoying that journey. Together, they love sharing their experiences and making new friends along the way.