Painting fun with Acrylics – no experience necessary!

We offer step-by-step guidance, but you’re always encouraged to do your own thing! We’re here to help along the way.

We use a variety of canvas sizes and styles depending on painter’s age group and chosen project. See our current design selection in our Acrylics Gallery – or we can create something totally new for you!

In each of our acrylic paint parties, there will be access to:

  • Table Covers & Aprons
  • Easel and Canvas (blank, or pre-traced)
  • Acrylic Paint Colors & Paint Brushes
  • Pens*, Pencils*, Chalk*
  • Stencils*, Tracers*, Stampers*

*Items used vary by project – everything needed to complete your painting will be provided; additional supplies are available for in-studio parties or by request.

Group Average Age

Project Time



Adults (21+)90 min to 3 hrs$35 / person$40 / person
Teens (13-20)90 min to 2 hrs$30 / person$35 / person
Kids* (4-12)45 min to 90 min$25 / person$30 / person

Time required to finish varies by project.
Prices shown do not include tax.
* Kids require an Adult (21+) guardian present.

^ Traveling fee may apply, varies by location.

Payment plan options may be available upon inquiry.

Private Parties – Deposit may be due at time of booking – this goes toward your party’s final total as a down payment.

Please be sure to wear appropriate clothing 🙂

Acrylic paints are water-based and generally non-toxic; however, they dry similar to a rubbery-plastic, and colors will leave stains if not treated quickly.

Treatment for most items: Remove excess paint if possible then rinse thoroughly with water and mild soap; rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer can also help to loosen and break down paint wet or dry.